T Shirt Screenprinting Bunbury

Do you sell
Cheap T Shirts?

Ever brought a t shirt from a big retail shop or overseas and thought you got a bargain?

Yep! and two wear & washes later, your T shirts collar is creeping down your shoulder, it feels thinner than when you brought it, plus it's all bent out of shape? With in two months, you are using it as a rag. We refuse to sell this type of t shirt!

Our most popular shirt is a 190 gsm 85% cotton 15% polyester, with a 30 upf offering 95.9% to 97.4% uv blocking protection. Poly cotton was invented for its ability to retain color and shape after various wash treatments and comes in a variety of colors, necks and shirts. They hold their shape wear well, are soft, yet tough and very cost effective. We can order in higher gsm with up to 50upf 98% uv blocking

Up to 50+ UV

When you spend money, you want it to last & look good, wash after wash.

Your T shirt should keep you warm in winter and PROTECT YOU FROM THE UV RAYS IN SUMMER! If you are a business, group or team, you want your T shirt to represent you (ie: neat, good standards, proud) Your T shirt should be comfortable, yet hard wearing, whether you are wearing it outside, workshop, sports ground or just causal wear.

Poly V cotton. PROS: *100% cotton makes a really great lasting T shirt, super hard wearing @ 50 upf. CONS: Wrinkles easy. Over time and wear, can fade a little and rough treatment, can cause it to get out of shape. *100% polyester breathable multi colour panels, a color ribbing, available 20 upf rated crew neck, or v neck in both cotton and poly, or blends AVAILABLE. singlets & long sleave in the same color choices poly or cotton or blend AVAILABLE

Made or Imported

If you are giving away as merchandise or selling, it reflects the quality of your business.

HOW DO WE DO IT: Most of the cost is in the sewing LABOR of a T shirt. Fabric comes in different thread counts. The higher, the better! The price increase for a lower thread count, compared to one a bit higher, is minimal. For 50 cents to 2 dollars more, we prefer to get a higher thread count, or GSM.

YOU WANT TO SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN MADE? We can supply T shirts that are made in Australia. We can get them just as fast as pre-made imports, with as many colour choices.. if not more. Note: The most noticeable difference, is the Australian made have a looser fitting sleeve than the imports but are generally on a even par when buying 190gsm T shirts and up. The Australian made shirts generally cost a little more than imports.


Track suits ~ Gym clothing ~ Hi Vis clothing ~ All sports T shirts & shorts ~ Corporate clothing.

IF you want to be really different, we can get clothes made to order but minimum orders do apply. Come in, or we can come to you with books of samples of shirts, or browse the links of a couple of our quality suppliers.