T Shirt Screenprinting Bunbury


15 years of printing by hand and knowing the technique of printing on all types of merchandise

whether it's 1 color or 6, guarantees a consistent print quality. we are experienced in the surf industry with clothing labels, corporate logo reproduction ( matching colors to mirror company logo or specific color choices which can be printed each time, to match a sample) We know our ink system well, even if you want rain coats, we have a ink to print them (It is not one type of ink, prints every thing) Knowing what ink sticks to each product well, is our business.

Color coordination: Some colors go better with other colors. Knowing this, we can advise on shirt color choice to match your logo, so the print pops of the shirt, or what color will make you stand out

We print ink that stretches with the garment, with no cracking and bounces back. We also print ink that glows in the dark, by placing an extra screen over the top of your logo (Please note it does alter your print colors slightly) This can be used on all merchandise.


We provide top service and grow with our clients, by producing the best work available.

We can reproduce art if needed (ie:. your business card, letterhead ,sign) We can create art from your ideas. we don't limit our selves to one supplier and do our best to find that shirt style you require. Ongoing orders: We keep your screens made in our shop, saving both time and you money, for a small initial set up fee.

You can provide your own products to print on or we are more then happy to order them in . We handle small orders with the same passion as large ones! and have a number ready made screens for numbers on a sports team shirt (small and large) and letters for netball bibs

IF you want to be really different, we can get clothes made to order but minimum orders do apply. Come in, or we can come to you with books of samples of shirts, or browse the links of a couple of our quality suppliers.

in screen printing

If you are giving away as merchandise or selling, it reflects the quality of your business.

The technique of screen printing has not changed since 1910 but the ink we print with has!

We have ink that needs to be heated to a certain temperature, to cure bonding it to the garment, cutting down the problem of loosing detail in the print. This enables us to do larger numbers of garments consistently, colors are brighter and easily matched to color samples.

Plus, printing thinner detail and nice sharp lines.
Printing smaller prints that keep great detail.
Can be printed on dark garments and stand out.
The life of the print will outlast the garment with minimum fade.

We can print a ink that shimmers in the day light! Shimmer Metallic inks will heat cure to a glittering, shimmering, metallic finish is becoming popular in our T shirt designs, either 1 color or multiple for eye catching logos.


Track suits ~ Gym clothing ~ Hi Vis clothing ~ All sports T shirts & shorts ~ Corporate clothing.